Rainbow Cash Prizes and Awards

by Ramona Turpin / Sunday, 16 September 2018

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Rainbow is proud to announce that we award over $100,000 in cash prizes and awards at National Finals alone!!! These cash prizes include:

  • Top 3 Overall High Point winners in every one of our 60 unique competitive divisions
  • Junior and Senior Photogenic winners
  • 8 Dancer of the Year winners
  • Future Star Award winner
  • Studio Spirit Award winner
  • Starz of Tomorrow Top Studio
  • Rising Starz Top Studio
  • Elite Starz Top Studio
  • All Grand Finale Showcase finalists
  • 12 Grand Champion winners


Throughout Finals week, performers will also be presented with several awards spanning from our General award plaques for every act that performs to the distinguished Overall High Point award winners! Rainbow also presents other amazing accolades at our exciting awards ceremonies including:


  • National Mascot Award
  • National Al Gilbert Award
  • National Technical Excellence Award
  • National Judges Choice Awards
  • National Best Costume Awards
  • National Most Entertaining Awards
  • Australia All Star Invitations

Rainbow also provides additional scholarship opportunities that reach far beyond the competition weekend!